The Environment

The Environment

C&R is committed to operating the business in a manner that accounts for the environmental impact created by our day to day operation. Our aim is to increase our team’s awareness of environmental issues together with our customers and the community we serve in order to reduce energy usage, carbon emissions, and waste and water consumption. Minimising the impact on the environment is at the forefront when planning a major refurbishment at one of our shopping centres.  


Highlights from 2015

  • Retained Global Real Estate Benchmark (GRESB) Green Star Status and recognised as a sector leader
  • Retained the Carbon Trust Standard for 7th consecutive year
  • Achieved 2nd rank position (4th last year) out of 14 fellow peers shopping centres in the Real Estate Environmental Benchmark (REEB), with a survey base of over 100 shopping centres.
  • Achieved 5% reduction on energy usage
  • Enviromall campaign focused on encouraging customers to reduce waste to landfill with an offer of a free re-usable, Mall-branded water bottle


Priorities for 2016

  • Participate and contribute to the British Council of Shopping Centres Low Carbon Working Group
  • Reduce CO2 by 5%
  • Develop and implement a framework for sustainable development and refurbishment works
  • To implement a marketing campaign to show case C&R’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment and encouraging our customers to live a more environmentally lifestyle




EnviroMall is the first partnership accreditation scheme developed specifically for shopping centres to monitor and reduce environmental impact.

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2015 EPRA Performance Reporting


 Scope 1&2 Mandatory Reporting* 2014** 2015

Scope 1 tCO2e

Scope 2 tCO2e





Scope 1 & 2 kgCO2e/sqft 3.35 3.01

*Scope definitions:
Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions from controlled operations (natural gas consumption)
Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions from the use of purchased electricity, heat or steam (electricity consumption)

**2014 figures have been restated where material changes were subsequently identified.


We have followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for reporting CO2 emissions for the 2015 calendar year. The reporting boundary has been defined using the operational control approach, reporting emissions for operations in which Capital and Regional have control. It does not account for GHG emissions from operations in which it owns an interest but has no operational control. Scope 1 emissions accounts for total gas consumption of Capital and Regional. Emissions from emergency equipment (e.g. standby generators) have been deemed deminimis and therefore are not included in the reported figures. Actual data has been used for reporting wherever possible, however some estimated data has been used where data has not been available. The information in this report represents the best information available at the time of issue (23/02/2016).