Connecting with Communities

Enhancing our relevance

We continually strive to create great places for our customers and profitable environments for our retail and leisure partners. Integral to that objective are deep connections with the communities in which we invest. These connections manifest themselves in five key areas: Connecting emotionally; physically; digitally; responsibly and commercially. 

Connecting emotionally

People have a natural affinity with their home town. Memories are made, relationships formed and friendships sealed. We create the right environment in which people feel comfortable in “their” mall - an appreciation of place that enables people to engage in the shopping experience, a connection which strengthens over time. At the heart of The Mall are our values: caring, dynamic and easy. We care about getting it right and being the best we can. We are dynamic in meeting the needs of our customers, always looking for better ways of doing things. We’re easy to deal with, making sure that our customers always get a quick response to any question or problem they may have.

Connecting responsibly

People are at the heart of our business; our responsible business projects and community partnerships focus on them and are driven by them. By reducing the impact we have on the environment; our employees, suppliers, stakeholders and the communities around reap the benefits and further engage with us to maintain momentum on this shared responsibility agenda.

Connecting digitally

C&R have pioneered digital innovations since we launched the first shopping centre portfolio web site, in 2006, which has since attracted more than 10 million hits. Our free Wi-Fi is enjoyed by customers (used 4.3 million times in 2015). Our centres are increasingly being viewed as digital hubs, where customers are fulfilling sales using Click & Collect. Over 70% of our retailers now offer this service. The combination delivers a strong digital connection to our communities.

Connecting physically

Our Malls sit at the centre of the towns within which we invest and typically dominate the landscape. They connect physically with the streetscape of the town immediately outside. Entrances are located to provide convenient pedestrian access. Car parks offer quick entry and are typically located near a major public transport hub. The result is a centre, permeable to visitors, with natural flows in and out from the wider town centre and community.

Connecting commercially

Many of our occupiers are independent retailers with local heritage. These retailers provide a link with the community and represent a real point of difference for shoppers. Our Mall teams know the customers and care about the success of their Mall, proud to contribute to its management and development. We are in business with local authorities, through head lease contracts and local planning arrangements. These commercial connections further link us to our communities.