Case Studies

A closer look

Here we will take a look at some highlights across our portfolio, in what has been a very positive year for sustainability in our business. 


 Community engagement in numbers 

  • 190 charities supported 
  • 105 community groups supported
  • 4,303 voluntary hours donated to supporting the local community
  • 158 community events hosted
  • 340,000 raised for C&R Cares
  • 128,000 Community funding sponsorship
  • 9,265 jobs supported by our centres
  • 6 centres actively support the BID (Business Improvement Districts)


Sustainability highlights

  • Reduced our CO2 emissions by 18%.
  • Reduced our gas and electricity consumption by 4.9% making a saving £75,000.
  • Of the 4605 tonnes of waste treated 99% diverted from landfill.
  • Retained our Global Real Estate Benchmark (GRESB) Green Star Status.



  • ​Contractors working on the mall out of hours are required to provide their own task lighting. This prevents all programmed mall lighting times being overridden with mall lights remaining off.

  • Food waste is being treated by anaerobic digestion this separates out this waste stream and is used as agricultural fertiliser.



  • Stopped purchase of bottled water for staff installed water chiller thus reducing plastic waste.

  • Our solar panels generated 18,000 Kwhrs in 2018 enough to run three households electricity for a year and saving over £2000 in cost.



  • The majority of the mall and car parks converted to LED lighting giving significant savings.



  • A night visit to the centre and review of time settings with a resultant saving in cost of over £20,000.



  • Our cleaning staff who segregate our waste are incentivised on any rebate we receive are awarded a 10% share of the rebate we receive.



  • The high-level atria lighting was replaced with LED with significant maintenance and electricity savings.

  • The new toilet facilities have resulted in savings in energy and water use with the installation of energy and water saving devices.


Apprentice Appointment, The Mall Blackburn

Sumaiya Patel joined The Mall Blackburn in October 2018 as one of the businesses first apprentices in the position as Guest Experience Assistant. Sumaiya will work with us for 15 months whilst she completes her NVQ via Training 2000 and will split her time between the Ask Me Point and the management office. The training and qualification will provide Sumaiya with the skills needed to provide excellent guest/customer service.

By the end of the course Sumaiya will be able to interact with guests in a positive, knowledgeable way. It will increase her confidence, which we can see is already growing, enhance her communication skills and help her understand the importance of listening to guests/customers.

Guest facilities at The Exchange, Ilford

In 2018 we introduced new Guest Facilities to The Exchange Ilford, off the back of successful improvement works. 

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Changing Places

Thousands of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, as well other disabilities that severely limit mobility, cannot use standard accessible toilets. Over a quarter of a million people in the UK need Changing Places toilets but there are only just over 1,000 across the UK. Although the numbers are increasing, there are still not enough Changing Places toilets across the country. The absence of suitable toilets mean that people with complex disabilities who need assistance cannot take part in activities such as shopping, going out for a meal or attending events.

C&R is committed to improving accessibility and we have invested in two state of the art Changing Places at The Exchange, Ilford and The Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead as part of our refurbishment of the centres’ facilities.

Quiet Hour

We understand how difficult it can be for individuals and families with special sensory needs to make a trip to a shopping centre, like so many others do regularly, let alone participate in activities which can be noisy and overwhelming. So, during The Mall Luton’s key family campaign events this year we offered Quiet sessions, in the evenings and on Sunday mornings when the centre was closed to the public, with no music or flashing lights to create a calming and less daunting environment for children with autism. We’ve had excellent guest feedback, and the events have grown in popularity as attendees have shared their experience with others online and by word and mouth. In 2019 we have committed to a long term pledge to hold quiet hours in all of our centres during family events.


C&R Cares

Key to supporting our local communities is our C&R Care initiative. Our centres run their own unique charitable programme of fundraising activities for locally selected charities. This year we raised an impressive £340,000, an increase of 8% on 2017, benefiting 190 local organisations and charities.

To launch their 2018 Poppy Appeal, The Mall Luton squeezed a full size Supermarine Spitfire replica into the centre. Guests stood in awe admiring the iconic British Royal Air Force aircraft. Over £24,000 was raised for the Luton Poppy Appeal through the Poppy stand and Poppy shop at The Mall, which saw the Mall team work closely with the Royal British Legion and volunteers from the local community.