People & Community

People & community

Being a responsible business cannot be achieved without the support and active engagement of our people. Our aim is to ensure that we promote a progressive company culture, dedicated to creating welcoming environments at both a corporate and centre level, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, disability or socioeconomic background. Our culture, who we are, how we work together and the pride we generate, is crucial in supporting the delivery of our strategic priorities. Our aim is to engage, develop and reward our people, retaining our reputation as an employer of choice within the sectors in which we operate. We want to provide relevant, engaging training for all our employees in order that they can make their fullest contribution to our success and deliver exceptional customer service. We set out to provide a working environment that reflects our values and ethics and supports the wellbeing and health of all our people, taking into account of the diversity of our workforce.

Our centres play a key role in the ongoing development of the communities and environments within which we operate. Our aim is to engage with our guests, retailer customer and operators, suppliers and other stakeholders, to understand their needs and continue to identify ways of improving our collective performance and positive social impact.

We are deeply committed to fostering trusted relationships within our communities by creating a safe and inclusive experience for all, while contributing to our local communities by being a responsible, socially aware and a proactive partner. By partnering with key stakeholders, we can ensure the right structures are in place to listen, engage and use feedback to develop or refine our approach and we can continue to invest time and money into supporting the causes and charities that are important to the communities within which we operate.

Being at the heart of the local community, we have a responsibility to ensure that all our guests have a positive experience when visiting our centres. That means ensuring our facilities are fully inclusive and cater to all our guests’ needs. We support people with disabilities by investing in areas such as our family changing facilities, accessible toilets, adopting initiatives such as Purple Tuesday and Hidden Disabilities, providing accessible events and we continuing to support measures that benefit everyone.

Working with Government and expert industry bodies, we believe in the importance of vibrant, successful and active town centres in helping communities thrive. We continue to evolve our asset master plans, which include opportunities for development, to ensure our centres remain relevant in the rapidly changing retail landscape. For all development plans we follow the national planning policy and local frameworks and openly engage with community interest groups and individuals to reach the best outcomes for all.


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