The Community

The Community

Fundamental to our strategy is the key role our centres play in the ongoing development of the communities and environments in which we operate. We work closely with key stakeholders to ensure that we listen, engage and use feedback to develop or refine our approach. We aim to provide safe, welcoming, clean and attractive shopping and leisure venues where our guests choose to shop, work and socialise. We seek to make a positive contribution to each local community by being a responsible, socially aware and a proactive partner.


Highlights from 2017

  • Through Mall Cares we raised over £312k for our local charities in 2017, +11% on 2016
  • The Mall Luton launched the Strategic Community Safety Group together with the town centre partners to enable improved focus on business related crime
  • The launch of the Community Hub in The Mall Maidstone
  • Launch of The Mall Monster Friends Club
  • We handled 42,000 Collect+ parcels in 2017, a 24% increase on 2016

Priorities for 2018

  • To create as part of the roll-out of asset masterplans an inclusive and accessible shopping experience to enhance social connections and support the wider community
  • To continue to work with our local Mall Cares charities and at least match 2017 fundraising
  • Implement the Net Promotor Surveys across all centres on a quarterly basis