Connect with consumers

Through our branding and marketing programmes we create opportunities for communicating with shoppers, locally, regionally and nationally. We aim to bring more people into our Malls and encourage shoppers to spend more time with us and more money with our retailers.

Our industry-leading marketing is focussed around three core objectives: 

Bringing more people into our centre, ensure they visit more often, and encourage them to spend more in our partner retailers when they are here.


Product partnerships

As a host brand we provide both the physical and emotional environment in which brands can come to life, connect with consumers and create sustainable relationships with them.

Online as well as in-centre, The Mall reaches out to customers and priovides a springboard from which our brand partners can create the high quality brand experiences that customers are looking for.

Build relationships with our customers in a number of different ways. Physically, through promoting your brand in our toilets, rest areas and car parks. During events in our Malls, by sponsoring our national campaigns across all Malls. Seasonally, during key gift-buying periods such as Valentines Day and Christmas and by targeting our demographic mix, whether they be young, male, female or parents.

Love Sundays Promotion

Since 2014 our Love Sundays marketing promotion has delivered increased footfall and over £3 million of incremental spend to our retailers.

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With our high footfall and dwell time, The Mall customers are captive audiences. We can offer your product the space and support and get them into the hands of your potential customers. With the use of promotional staff, point of sale, a dedicated 'event' area and plenty of support from The Mall staff your product can come alive in our shopping centres. Sampling products bring them to life and can often make greater impact than other standard forms of advertising.

Key Contacts


Jenny Morris

Marketing Executive

020 7932 8000


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Shayan Shahdi

Digital Marketing Executive