Active August Challenge

The Active August Challenge

Guests spent this summer taking part in the Active August challenge, which involved plenty of laughs, a lot of activity and some very happy steppers!

The Active August Challenge involved guests going to Ask Me Points (or Guest Lounge/Guest Services Desk) and getting a map of the centre along with a pedometer to count their steps. They would then use the map to find 9 checkpoints around the centre, which were big floor graphics, where they would play games, learn facts and do fun exercises as part of the challenge. Once they found all the checkpoints and spelt the magic word, they would then go back and log their steps on our leaderboard, competing for prizes, with 'top steppers' winning prizes including a £500 gift card.


The aim of the campaign was to promote healthy living and activity while driving footfall to our centres by providing a different kind of experience. Guests enjoyed taking part, especially mums who were being dragged around the centre looking for checkpoints, it seemed that everyone was caught up in the challenge. The promotion of the event was supported by Experience Engine staff who attended the centres on the weekend and encouraged participation, helped collect data, hand out flyers and promote the challenge.


  • 5,500,000 - the total number of steps recorded by guests
  • 2865 - the number of times the Active August Challenge was taken on
  • 342,000 people reached with targeted Facebook promotions
  • 1,400,000 impressions on social media ads
  • 1,000,000 views on social media for promotional video 
  • 9000 clicks generated through social media advertising
“I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing this challenge to our local shopping centre. The kids were excited from the second they found out about it, and they were buzzing around until the very last moment. The fact it is free and you have the chance to win such great prizes is a bonus.” 

Competition Element

Having a competition running alongside the Active August Campaign worked very well and definitely encouraged more participation in the event. The quantity of data collected was also positive. We saw many families return multiple times throughout the week as it meant they could add to their total. We also had competition winners come back after collecting their prize who were very thankful that they had won. 

Our aim was to bring something different to our centres, something that was engaging and entertaining for our younger guests but would encourage them to be healthy and active at the same time. The Active August Challenge incorporated the exercise and wellbeing element brilliantly and it was great to see our guests' reactions.

Sara Jennings - Director of Guest and Customer Experience