Retail Merchandising Units

Flexible retail opportunities

Our Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs) provide businesses with high quality, cost-effective units to sell from. We have around 40 available throughout our Malls which have been specifically designed for the Mall and offer total flexibility in use and a valuable point of difference for our shoppers.

We place the units in the middle of the busy areas of our Malls, which make them ideal for specialist product sales, product launches and test marketing. 

We've helped hundreds of small business get started, test products and expand their retail operations through our RMUs. We also use these units in our yearly Retail Factor competition. 

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Available at local, regional or national level. Prices range from £250 to £1250 per week dependent on the time of year.

RMU Types

We have different types of RMU available for use (vary Mall by Mall). Units are highly versatile and have adjustable shelving and lighting which allows you more options on how you merchandise your product.

We can also offer you signage for the unit with your business name on it and are happy to discuss with you options for adapting our units even further to help sell your products.

Each of our Malls have between 1 and 6 RMUs, situated in visible, high-footfall areas.

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