Strategy review

Strategy Review

In 2020, we engaged a sustainability strategy adviser to complete a review and materiality analysis of C&R’s ESG Strategy. The outputs of this review will inform the development of a new overarching integrated ESG strategy in 2021, and guide our reporting under the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations.

We have also partnered with HDR | Hurley Palmer Flatt (HDR), a leading independent multidisciplinary engineering consultancy providing solutions for the built environment, to assist in developing our net zero pathway.

Our vision is that our centres are leaders in sustainable practice, underpinned by our commitment to net zero operations and have a positive impact on their communities. As leaders in sustainable practice, we will partner with local authorities, community groups and support local initiatives for sustainable solutions to environmental and social issues within our communities. Our ESG strategy will build on the following key areas:

  • Progress made to date and future aspirations regarding carbon reductions;
  • Waste and water management;
  • Risk management associated with climate change and the impact of extreme weather events on our centres;
  • Defining our short, medium and longterm targets in line with the scenario of maintaining a 1.5°C change, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.


Our ESG strategy will be supported by clear and measurable targets and will focus on three pillars: Environmental Sustainability, People & Community and Governance. Everything we do is underpinned by clear policies and procedures, which are committed to the latest health and safety standards, and ensure best practice reporting and disclosure. 

We are proud of our achievements in maintaining a responsible business, striving to meet the needs of our stakeholders and being strong stewards of the environment. However, we recognise there is always potential for improvement. With much of our assessment completed in 2020, we are well poised to engage both internal and external stakeholders throughout 2021 to chart our future ambitions and set progressive actions that deliver better outcomes for all. 


Our strategy in numbers

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raised for C&R Cares

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employee NPS score

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reduction in total energy consumption 

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voluntary hours donated to supporting the local community 

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jobs supported by our centres

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charities supported

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community groups supported

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reduction in total emissions


Environmental Sustainability

We work hard to ensure that the local communities and wider catchment areas that we serve are better places to be for all. 

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People & Community

Being a responsible business cannot be achieved without the support and active engagement of our colleagues.

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Our robust corporate  governance approach spans structure, organisational transparency, codes of conduct, risk, supply chain management, policy and impact measurement. 

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