2017 Annual Results & Report

Welcome to the Capital & Regional Annual Report and Results for 2017

On 8 March 2018 we announced our 2017 annual results. See below for more information on our performance during 2017 and use the buttons to download a pdf copies of the Annual Report and results announcement, or view an on-demand version of the webcast. 

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Financial Highlights

Adjusted Profit 1


(2016: £26.8m)
2017 £29.1m
2016 £26.8m

Adjusted Earnings per share 1


(2016: 3.8p)
2017 4.1p
2016 3.8p

Dividend Share


(2016: 3.39p)
2017 3.64p
2016 3.39p

EPRA net assets per share


(2016: 68p)
2017 67p
2016 68p

Net debt to property value 2


(2016: 46%)
2017 46%
2016 46%

Net Rental Income


(2016: £50.4m)
2017 £51.6m
2016 £50.4m


  1. Adjusted Profit and Adjusted Earnings per share are as defined in the Glossary and Note 1 to the Financial Statements. Adjusted Profit incorporates profits from operating activities and excludes revaluation of properties and financial instruments, gains or losses on disposal, exceptional items and other defined terms. A reconciliation to the equivalent EPRA and statutory measures is provided in Note 9
    to the financial statements.
  2. Net debt divided by property valuation. 2016 is adjusted for refinancing of Mall assets on 4 January 2017, Ipswich disposal on 17 February 2017 and Ilford acquisition on 8 March 2017.