The Mall Camberley Wins Surrey Heath Business Award

The Mall Camberley won the Surrey Heath Business Award 2014 - Social/Environmental Responsibility category. This prize recognise organisations who take responsibility towards the community and the environment.

An outline of the Mall Camberley's winning submission is below.




The electricity usage at The Mall Camberley in 2007 was 1.25 million KWh per annum. The mall focussed on how we could reduce that consumption and, as a result, in 2013 our electricity usage was 640,568 KWh.

That our electricity usage has almost halved, is a testament to the actions we have proactively carried out, against a backdrop of rising unit prices.

  • KWh used in 2007 = 1,250,000
  • KWh used in 2008 = 1,220,000
  • KWh used in 2009 = 1,003,000
  • KWh used in 2010 = 946.000
  • KWh used in 2011 = 750,000
  • KWh used in 2012 = 665,000
  • KWh used in 2013 = 640,568
  • Overall 2008 – 2013:
    • KWh reduction of -49% to 640,568.
    • Unit prices increased by +79% over the 5 years.
    • Total saving of £178K.
    • Total investment £52K.
    • Total net saving of £126K.
    • Total reduction in CO2 of 306,000 tonnes.


The introduction of EcoDriver in 2010 was perhaps one of the most successful initiatives we introduced. EcoDriver is a live energy monitoring system, being updated every half hour directly from the supply meters. We are able to pre-set targets into the system. This allowed the management team to react immediately to any high usage, so mitigating any impact before it was too late. The system also provides detailed reports allowing management to drill down to find out exactly when power was being used. It helps identify unexpected usage and thus remedial action can be taken.

EcoDriver also engages with all the mall staff as there are large TV screens showing the live usage alongside the daily targets. These screens are strategically placed in the control room (where the staff sign in and out for work), and at the entrance to mall management (where the staff rest room & facilities are). The information is visual, with colour changes showing how the mall is progressing throughout the day.

Here are a few examples of where EcoDriver engaged the staff and management team to take action;

  • Using EcoDriver reports, mall management noted that power consumption showed an unexpected increase from 4 am. It became apparent that cleaners were starting earlier than meant to, so using additional lighting from 4 am – 5 am. Mall management re-enforced 5 am start, and consumption dropped.
  • Mall management noted an unexpected increase in usage overnight. When explored further, it was realised that the annual high-level clean was taking place, so necessitating the lights on. As a result the annual high-level clean was re-timed to mid-summer to take advantage of the longer daylight.
  • It was noted that there was another unexpected increase in electricity during the night. Investigations found the heating was coming on due to the frost protection activating incorrectly. This was quickly remedied.
  • The screen displays show the live average half-hourly electricity cost. Using the screen in the control room, the overnight controllers started to have a competition to see who could achieve the lowest half-hour cost. Result was a reduction in overnight energy as they all tried to out-do each other by what was switched on and when.

Waste and Cardboard Recycling

The Mall provided cardboard recycling containers for the majority of the six service areas. As a result we recycled 168 tonnes of cardboard in 2012 and 13.

In respect of the mall’s own waste overall, 88% is now recycled.



The Mall takes its’ role in the community very seriously. We aim to ensure our malls sit at the heart of the local community. Last year The Mall Camberley helped raise £46,380 for local charities. Here are some further examples of where we’ve engaged with our local community.


Shoppers bag a Bag for Life

In spring 2013 the mall organised a ‘Bags for Life’ campaign. Customers were encouraged to bring in 5 plastic carrier bags to the Ask Me Desk, which The Mall would then exchange for an environmentally friendly Bag for Life. The plastic carriers were then passed over to Sainsbury’s to be included in their own recycling service.


Opening up to the Community

The Mall Camberley is often asked to provide free space for local charities and community groups to engage with the local area. The Mall would often find the same space had already been booked commercially, so sometimes would not be able to assist on every occasion we were asked to.

To remedy this we created a small space adjacent to the busy Ask Me Desk that could be used, and called this the ‘Community Space’. As a result organisations now have access, free of charge, to a suitable space in which they can engage with the community.


Creating an eco-masterpiece

A renowned artist, Michelle Reader, was commissioned by The Mall to create a sculpture out of waste materials that were found at The Mall and could be showcased in the community space in the centre. The aim was in line with our strategy to proactively engage with our customers and highlight what the mall was doing to help the environment as well as stimulate the conversation with customers about the importance of sustainability.

The finished sculpture was placed in an empty shop window and customers were invited to enter a competition to name her. Again, information about sustainability was provided as part of the display.


Local group flourishes thanks to green gardening

With the assistance of Surrey Heath Borough Council the local ‘Army Wives’ succeeded in having their entry into the prestigious Hampton Court Flower Show shortlisted. The garden was called ‘A Moveable Feast’, and was based round the fact that army families move house so often, and makes use of ‘transportable’ planting.

In an effort to further engage with the community and an important local group The Mall provided sponsorship support towards this. The garden later went on to win a Silver Award at the show.


Mall shows it really cares

In 2013 the mall Camberley set out to achieve a target of helping charities to raise £45,000 either directly in association with the mall, or by providing access for charities to collect within the mall. The total raised in 2013 was £46,380

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