The Mall Walthamstow hosts Art Night London

On 22 June 2019 The Mall Walthamstow played host to Art Night London. The event formed part of our ongoing partnership with the Mayor’s first London Borough of Culture in Waltham Forest, which has seen our team on the ground in Walthamstow work closely with the local council, artists and creative organisations to deliver a number of unique and authentic experiences at the centre.


Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary art festival, transforming the city annually for one unforgettable night. This year, The Mall Walthamstow proudly supported artists Alice Theobald and Joe Namy, who performed their live exhibitions at the centre to approximately 9000 guests who travelled from far and wide to experience Art Night.

Alice Theobald’s exhibition, named ‘What Not to Wear Out My Soul’, involved a video installation specific to the local community, as well as a live music performance. The piece combined material recorded during training sessions with a Method Acting coach and on location shorts in Walthamstow shops.

Joe Namy celebrated London’s music heritage and his personal passion for sound system cultures with his international project ‘Automobile’. His performance at The Mall Walthamstow congregated the most unique, souped-up sound cars in London, linking the super-charged systems to create an immersive, synchronised, surround sound environment, accompanied by a range of dynamic visuals.  

Combined, the two exhibitions drove a 10% increase in footfall against last year during Art Night.

We wanted to be involved in Art Night from the very beginning of our partnership with London Borough of Culture. It’s a fantastic initiative that has allowed us to bring art and culture back to the heart of the local community. The response from our guests on the night was overwhelmingly positive with queues for each exhibition in the hundreds. We always aim to exceed our guests’ expectations, and we’re looking forward to working further with our partners to achieve this through diverse experiences

General Manager, The Mall Walthamstow
Rebecca Bird

The Mall Walthamstow’s hosting of Art Night follows its involvement in the London Borough of Culture’s ‘Ways of Seeing’ exhibition in April 2019, which saw the centre present an iconic and interactive artwork named ‘4’33” (Prepared Pianola for Roger Bannister)’ by artist Mel Brimfield, in dedicated exhibition space.

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