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2023 Half Year Results

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2022 Full Year Results

Our 2022 full year results are announced on Thursday 2nd March 2023.

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Financial highlights


  6 months to
June 2022
6 months to
June 2021
Year to
Dec 2021
Revenue £28.4m £27.4m £56.2m
Net Rental Income – Investment Assets £12.2m £9.9m £21.5m
Adjusted Profit 1, 2 £5.8m £3.1m £8.1m
Adjusted Earnings per share 1, 2 3.5p 2.8p 6.8p
IFRS Profit/(Loss) for the period £26.8m £(41.3)m £(26.4)m
Basic earnings/(loss) per share 16.2p (36.9)p (22.0)p
Total dividend per share 5 2.5p - -
Net Asset Value £195.3m £126.7m £168.4m
Net Asset Value (NAV) per share 118p 113p 102p
EPRA NTA per share 116p 117p 102p
Group net debt 4 £136.5m £348.0m £185.3m
Net debt to property value 4 40% 72% 49%


1 Adjusted Profit, Adjusted Earnings per share, Net Rental Income, Net Debt and the new Snozone EBITDA metric are as defined in the Glossary. Adjusted Profit incorporates profits from operating activities and excludes revaluation of properties and financial instruments, gains or losses on disposal, and other non-operational items. A reconciliation to the equivalent EPRA and statutory measures is provided in Note 6 to the condensed financial statements. 

2 2021 Revenue has been restated to remove Luton given its reclassification as a Discontinued Operation.  Adjusted Profit for the six months to June 2021 has been restated to reflect the introduction of the Snozone EBITDA performance measure during 2021.

3 For lettings and renewals (excluding development deals and CVA variations) with a term of 5 years or longer which do not include turnover rent or service charge restrictions.

4 On a proforma basis, adjusted for the Walthamstow residential land and Blackburn disposal proceeds which were received post 30 June 2022.  Net debt to property value was 49% at 30 June 2022 on an unadjusted basis.

5 Represents dividends declared post period end but related to the period in question.