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2022 Half Year Results


2021 Full Year Results

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Financial highlights


  2020 2019 +/- +/- %
Net Rental Income £34.1m £49.3m -£15.2m -30%%
Adjusted Profit 1 £10.3m £27.4m -£17.1m -62.4%
Adjusted Earnings per share 1, 2 9.5p 36.7p -27.2p -74.1%
IFRS Loss for the period £(203.4)m £(121.0)m  -£82.4m -68.1%
Basic Earnings per share 2 (188.3)p (162.3)p -26.0p -16.0%
Total dividend per share - 21p -21p  
Net Asset Value (NAV) per share 2 150p 361p -211p -58%
EPRA NTA per share 2 158p 364p -206p -56.6%
Group net debt £345.1m £336.9m £8.2m +2.4%
Net debt to property value 65% 46% -19 pps