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Partial Offer

For information related to the Growthpoint partial offer, please click the link below:

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Financial highlights

  2018 2017 Change % Change
Net Rental Income £51.9m £51.6m +0.3m +0.6%
Adjusted Profit £30.5m £29.1m +1.4m +4.8%
Adjusted Earnings per share 4.23p 4.10p +0.13p +3.2%
IFRS Profit/(Loss) for the period £(25.6)m £22.4m    
Total dividend per share 2.42p 3.64p -1.22p -33.5%
Net Asset Value (NAV) per share 60p 67p -7p -11%
EPRA NAV per share 59p 67p -8p -12%
Group net debt £411.1m £404m +£7.1m +1.8%
Net debt to property value 48% 46% -