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Interim Results Announcement

Our 2017 interim results have been presented. Follow the link below to read the details and access the webcast. 

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Financial Reports & Presentations
Interim Results - press release 500 kb  
Interim Results - presentation 1.8 mb  
Shareholder Circulars
AGM Proxy Results 86 kb  
Section 430 (2B) Companies Act 2016 statement re K Ford 191 kb  
Notice of AGM 285 kb  
Proxy Form (LSE Shareholders) 76 kb  
Proxy Form (JSE Shareholders) 78 kb  



 Financial Reports & Presentations
Interim results - Press release 200 kb Webcast
Interim results - Presentation 2 mb  
Annual results announcement 221 kb  
Annual results presentation 1.8 mb Webcast
Annual Report 2.5 mb  
Shareholder Circulars
Notice of AGM for 10 May 2016 meeting 285 kb  
AGM Proxy (LSE shareholders) 76 kb  
AGM Proxy (JSE shareholders) 78 kb  
AGM Proxy results 103 kb  
Walthamstow Investor Presentation March 2016 9 mb  

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