Success of first HighTide Festival delights Waltham Forest Community

The recent Waltham Forest HighTide Festival, the first held in London, has been hailed as a huge success. With 6000 tickets sold, the majority to Waltham Forest residents, but also to audiences from all over London and further afield, the festival has provided a further boost to the area’s cultural offering. We were delighted to have sponsored the event, welcoming the fantastic feedback received so far and hopes HighTide has a long future in the area.

The festival saw Waltham Forest host a diverse programme of live performances featuring two world premiere theatre productions, 10 comedy shows, three music gigs, eight family shows, three visiting productions and six play readings across 12 days. We were especially pleased that many of the headline acts came from artists and groups from within the borough.

The HighTide festival is an excellent example of the strength of Waltham Forest’s cultural scene, so naturally we were keen to support in any way we could. Having owned The Mall for over 20 years, C&R is very proud of the area and the diverse community that helps to make this borough what it is.

General Manager at The Mall Walthanstow
Alasdair Currie

The HighTide Festival is just one of the initiatives that the borough is supporting as it strengthens its bid to become the first London Borough of Culture.  As a major investor in the town centre, C&R is committed to maintaining and enhancing the cultural heritage that Waltham Forest has to offer.

Continued commitment

Demonstrating our continued commitment to delivering a vibrant shopping hub and attracting visitors to Walthamstow, we have recently invested in a series of improvement works to the main entrance of The Mall. These works are to ready the retail space for the arrival of new retail and leisure facilities, including Lidl and The Gym Group, with the latter due to open at the beginning of November.

We have a long history of supporting the local community in Waltham Forest. Much of this is done through supporting local businesses, such as Wood Street Walls, who designed the stunning hoardings that were in place throughout the duration of the works to the recently refurbished BHS unit.

As a shopping centre, The Mall works with local schools to give children an insight into the world of work. The Mall participated in Children’s Takeover Day, a national initiative to teach children about different occupations. Children from South Grove Primary School spent the day working alongside members of the Management, Marketing and Security Team at The Mall to gain these insights. Furthermore, charitable funds raised by the centre, support for community organisations and hours given up by staff to support the community, have continually increased year on year.

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