The Mall Fund Promotes Green Thinking with Unique Sculptures

The Mall Fund, asset managed by Capital & Regional, has unveiled bespoke, life size sculptures across each of the Malls in its portfolio. Environmentally conscious artist Michelle Reader was commissioned by The Mall Fund to undertake the unique recycling project.

The sculptures, crafted from waste materials found at the shopping centres, aim to raise awareness amongst shoppers and retailers of the importance of reusing and recycling waste products. A striking statute of a mother pushing a child in a stroller is on display at The Mall Luton while The Mall Camberley boasts a realistic representation of a young woman holding a coffee cup and carrying a shopping bag.

The impressive results can be attributed to Capital & Regional's initiative EnviroMall which was rolled out across the Group's portfolio to help monitor and reduce the environmental impact of its schemes. Simple measures implemented under the programme have driven down energy emissions and costs

The Mall Fund's commitment to reducing its environmental impact has resulted in reduced emissions and waste leading to savings in energy costs of more than £1 million since 2008. In its recent end of year environmental performance results, the group revealed it recycled just under 7,500 tonnes of waste in 2012, the equivalent to the annual waste of 8000 households. Of the waste recycled 96 per cent was diverted from landfill, 61 per cent was recycled and 17 per cent of the waste was converted to energy.

Mark Bourgeois, Managing Director for Shopping Centres, Capital & Regional, commented: "Being environmentally responsible is integral to our culture and for that reason we developed EnviroMall. Since the programme was introduced our environmental performance results have improved each year. We are extremely proud of our efforts and are continually looking at innovative ways to make the portfolio more sustainable.

"Michelle's sculptures, while being visually striking and thought provoking, serve as a reminder of the value and importance of recycling and reusing waste."

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