Well-being Wednesdays

Sara Jennings, Director of Guest and Customer Experience, Capital & Regional

The last twelve months have tested us all. UK mental health charity, Mind, has found that at least one in six workers are experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, exacerbated by continuous time apart from friends, family and colleagues. Feelings of isolation; managing the separation of home life and work life; juggling work with childcare and other care issues are now commonplace, but that does not mean the impact they have on mental health is eased.

Promoting mental health awareness has been a key feature of C&R’s journey throughout all of the imposed UK lockdowns. Well-being Wednesday, which we are running in partnership with Marsh, is the latest initiative in our support program, including a series of virtual seminars focused on different aspects of well-being, hosted every Wednesday afternoon throughout February. Led by Lorna Feeney, Head of Mental Health Risk at Marsh, these seminars aim to create a better understanding across our teams about what mental health illnesses looks like, so we can get the right treatment, help and support to whoever needs it, and ensure that no one is left behind because they are struggling.

With Marsh’s insight, we will explore how mental health affects our ability to deal with changes and stress, how we learn and communicate, and how we maintain relationships – all important factors in our jobs and in our lives. The seminars will also provide information and guidance on how to manage anxiety and depression in the current climate through practices such as mindfulness, and the huge benefits of incorporating these into our daily lives.

As we endure unprecedented challenges in the workplace and at home it is imperative that, as businesses, we continue to support our teams mentally and emotionally, to the best of our ability, and as individuals, ensure we are looking after ourselves and each other.

Topics covered as part of Well-being Wednesday include:

  • Mental Health Awareness / Self Care
  • Coping with Anxiety & Stress
  • Depression and Spotting the Signs
  • Physical & Mental Health Benefits of being Mindful

Covid-19 has shone a light on all of these issues, but the truth of the matter is that they are incredibly complex and require our continual and absolute attention. Promoting positive mental and physical health and wellbeing amongst our entire staff, guests and wider communities is firmly embedded in C&R’s corporate agenda and will remain a primary focus for the business long after the current circumstances subside.

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